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Invictus Strategies exists to close the funding gap between the Right and Left. Americans generously donate more than $480 billion per year to charities. But the Left outperforms the Right by 4-to-1. Conservatives will no longer be outraised, outgunned, and outmaneuvered.

Invictus Strategies exists to help conservatives retake the philanthropic lead. To do so, Invictus connects high-impact conservative causes and results-oriented philanthropists. Together, we form a vibrant community working to reclaim this nation.

Invictus Strategies maximizes
your philanthropic impact

Nonprofit leaders partner with us to build world-class fundraising programs. And generous philanthropists trust us to help guide their donations to the highest and best use. Our services are building a winning coalition to change culture, restore self-governance, achieve policy victories, and stop the woke agenda.

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Whether you’re a nonprofit leader or philanthropist, connect with us to explore opportunities for partnership
My hope is that Invictus Strategies becomes the preeminent organization in conservative philanthropy. We are going to put rocket boosters on the groups who are making the biggest difference in promoting human flourishing. I’m excited to lead this new venture with the support of so many patriots.”
– Andrew McIndoe, Founder and CEO, Invictus Strategies

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